Do No Harm (But Take No Shit)

You are here. With me. Reading this. For one of the following reasons: You are a friend and reading this out of love and support, You are an acquaintance and reading this out of curiosity, You are insanely bored and happened upon this site, You think I’m a bit spooky, a whack job, drank the […]


The Raven’s Gift

This journey began for me the day I entered this life. It was easy to grow away from gifts I was born with because society finds all that is intangible to be scary or wrong. It took 45 years for the Universe to know when it could push the envelope and reveal a path so […]


The Dark Gift

I am not morbid. I am not drawn to or fascinated with death or the macabre. I am a child of the present, the very here and very now. In fact right now the only thing I can say I am borderline obsessed or drawn to is my Young Living Lavender Lip Balm (It is […]