About Brigitte

Humanity is at a precipice where positive change is required; we want it, we are just unsure how to obtain it.  My own journey led me to Acupuncture of Indiana in the search for personal peace and a deeper knowledge of my purpose in this lifetime.  The healing I received through acupuncture led me to this beautiful healing art and reignited my intuitive work with essential oils. Suddenly my path was clear and Reiki was my vehicle to offer a deeper and more meaningful method to heal the energy of others.

Divinity dwells within each person, we all are spiritual beings, the highest spiritual principle is loving one another unconditionally ... and teaching and healing one another; starting with ourselves. Our mental state carries forward into manifestation and becomes our experience in daily living.

Having been raised in a holistic home, essential oils were a part of our daily lives whether it was diffusing, using for disinfecting and cleaning our home, a staple in the medicine cabinet, or to address specific issues such as anxiety or insomnia. Moving further into the blending and science of essential oils as an adult, I learned to harness their properties to bring about emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness that can be truly life-changing. As I established my Reiki practice I found most of my clients could find release from so many common ailments through the use of essential oils. Loss of grounding, anxiety, sleeplessness or the inability to “wind down”, energy blocks, mental fatigue—I wanted my clients to have a way to hold onto the effects of our Reiki sessions OFF of the table on their own. I began to utilize the original custom blends I developed for myself in my everyday practice with clients and found the effects of our treatment sessions were dramatically enhanced. And so, the custom oil blending side of Reiki317 was brought into the World with ease and grace allowing me to extend my healing reach just a little bit deeper and a little bit farther—one precious blend at a time!